Military/Naval Sci Fi game recommendations

I am considering a sci fi game in the mold of David Weber’s Honorverse and wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Before I dive off the deep end and hack my own game. Specifically I am looking for some or all of the following:

  1. Well constructed spaceship combat
  2. Ship as a character complete with advancement
  3. Split characters between to avoid Star Trek style away missions

Some games I have considered hacking with certain features I want:

  1. Band of Blades for the division between planning/mission
  2. Predation for the dinosaurs as characters. I believe each player controls a PC and another players dino, thought this would make for interesting space fighter dynamics between pilots and ship AIs, but for this I am looking more at capital ships.
  3. Rogue Trader too Warhammer 40K and spaceship combat is a beast.
  4. Coriolis not sure going to run this and see if it might work.

I have a suspicion that there might be things out there in the Mecha genre that could be hacked close to this. However I am aware of but have no insight into that genre or its games.

Interested to hear if anyone has any other games I should check out!