Might be a game I pick up - Symbaroum

Been reading through the free quick-start rules for Symbaroum, and so far I’m pretty impressed. The setting is the stuff that’s grabbing me the most. Feels like it’s right up my dark, gritty, and wilderness loving alley.

Gonna delve into the quick-start version of the mechanics here shortly, but so far I like what I’m seeing.

Anyone out there have any experience with this system and setting?



So… yeah… I bought the game. I blame @Harrigan and his Discord discussion with me :slight_smile:

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I have this. I need to read it. This is true of many, many other games that I currently own.


The free quick-start rules got me. I read 'em and was like, “yep, I need this as this is me and my group will dig this.”

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I stand by the recommendation, but I did say I hadn’t played it. :slight_smile:

The art, the setting, the mood, the tone – that’s what grabbed me as well. This is more or less my ideal fantasy, the focus on humans, the clash of cultures, the displaced new arrivals throwing elbows in their new lands, the looming, dark forest and all that it holds, the menace of the spooky elves guarding Davokar, the ancient and corrupt empire lying beneath the forest… good, good stuff. And add to all that that it’s not too big and unwieldy – the area is pretty tight, well-bounded and manageable in terms of the personalities and factions.

Anyway. Hope you enjoy it, and to play with you at some point!

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