Matthew's Games

Intro to Matt’s games

Took me a while to get this all set up, but here goes. Since I am new here, figure I will give some more details about my gaming style/preferences. I have been trying to get back into some gaming for a few years now. Have had some success, but 2020 wiped out my efforts and looking to get some more games in. Haven’t GM’ed in a coming up 10 years, played a bit since, but GMing is my jam and looking to run some recent acquisitions and old favourites. Like to give players lots of room to describe their actions and own their character’s effects on the world.

My background is adventure stories heavily fantasy with a significant sci fi component. My main universe is Warhammer 40K, but read around a lot. In the past year have been getting into some old fantasy/sci-fi from my dad’s efforts to clear his library and the Appendix N Bookclub podcast. My preferred mythic settings are King Arthur, Celtic and Nordic myths.

Session Structure

I am planning to run as many of them as drop in one shots that could be connected by having recurring player characters. If there is interest in I am up to some longer arcs or a campaign. But by default trying to keep them so you can drop in when you want or can and get a complete session.

I have one shots and ideas prepped for most of the games listed. Each week I generally can make 2 spots available to run/play in. So there will likely be more lead time than I listed.


I like creating characters with the players, so if that’s of interest let me know and we can schedule a char gen session before hand, otherwise I will have full pregens, and mostly pregens available for picking or filling out at the session.


Planning for 2-4 hours sessions depending on the game, player available, day of week, and timing. Will likely host on my Discord server or on Zoom, whatever is easier. I am in Pacific Time available:

  1. Weeknights after 18:00 +
  2. Saturday evening 16:00+
  3. Sunday afternoon 13:00+
    You can roll your own dice, and share the results. Will likely pull up Owlbear Rodeo if we need a shared map for something.

Safety Tools

Will go through some lines and veils before each session and check in on any concerns. Also have some house rules for a couple games to act as a safety valve in system.


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

  • System - Cubicle 7’s 4th edition
  • Focus: grim-absurdity of the Warhammer situation
  • Avoiding: full on grim dark/perilous.
  • Diseases will be lined out. I know can be a big part of the game, but not me, not right now.
  • If anyone’s interested in a campaign I want to run D&D’s Dragon Heist through WFRP

Warhammer 40K - Rogue Trader

  • System - Fantasy Flight Rogue Trader
  • Focus: Visiting strange new planets seeking new cool things and escape from stifling Imperium.
  • Avoiding: Colonial nonsense, a big part of the setting, not interested right now.

Warhammer 40K - Deathwatch

  • System - Fantasy Flight Deathwatch (very similar to Rogue Trader, Dark Hersey 1st ed, etc)
  • Focus: Dungeon crawling through alien dungeons clearing them and getting stuff out.
  • Avoiding: Colonial nonsense, too much space marine hero worship


  • System - Cypher
  • Focus: Technology as religion/magic, exploration of weird sci-fantasy tech, hopeful
  • Avoiding: The post apocalypse feel.


  • System - Agon
  • Focus: Adventuring on Island returning from the war.
  • Avoiding: Nothing off the top of my head
  • Open to including other gods, but will be running straight to start


  • System - Agon
  • Focus: Investigating and suppressing alien events
  • Avoiding: Nothing off the top of my head
  • Inspirations: Control, SCP Foundation, X-Files, from the game and Three Body Problem

Pacts and Blades

  • System - Custom 2d6 system with variable target values and success
  • Focus: Exploring the world and interacting with strange places and the beings that inhabit it
  • Avoiding: Nothing off hand.

The One Ring

  • System - The One Ring system
  • Focus: Exploring Middle Earth maybe the weird corners, connections to real world myths (King Arthur), and possibly deep history (The Children of Hurin is my favourite legendarium story to give you an idea where I might go).
  • Avoiding: Nothing off hand
  • Disclaimer: Still working through the background. Not as bit a lore master as I could be so expect differences and mistakes.

Other Games

I have a small collections of other game waiting to be played. I plan to cycle them in and some of the above out depending on my comfort level and interest and how much arm twisting interest. Below in no particular order:

  • Deathwatch (FF Space Marines)
  • The One Ring
  • DCC
  • The Black Hack
  • Blades in the Dark
  • 2d20 Barsoom
  • Dragons Conquer America
  • Coriolis the Third Horizon
  • Gods of the Fall Cypher System setting
  • Blades Against Darkness (Forged in the Dark dungeon crawling)
  • Soulbound (New Warhammer RPG)

Sounds like you’re ready! Hopefully you got lots of PMs. Unfortunately, I can’t make it because I’m in a completely different time zone (Turkey) and don’t have proper internet (livin’ in a van down by the beach… literally!). Maybe later. :+1:

BTW, this is such a great idea:

I want to run D&D’s Dragon Heist through WFRP

I’m a big fan of DCC. Especially since you’re interested in drop in one-shots with not too many hardcore subjects (new players, worldwide pandemic, makes complete sense!) You don’t have to keep playing it but it’s a good game to get to know people.


Nice list of games! I’m very interested in WFRP in particular. Haven’t played since the 1st edition decades ago, and curious about the 4th edition. :slight_smile:

(My schedule’s a bit of a mess for the next month or so, or I’d start rallying some players. But eventually!)

Great list of games, thanks for posting and offering them up, Matthew!