Masters of the Universe RPG on the Way Next Year

A real, honest to goodness Masters of the Universe RPG coming up next year. Fandom is really looking like it’s going hard for picking up licenses for it’s Cortex rules, now that they own it. For anyone that miss it, earlier this year they announced a Dragon Prince RPG based on the Netflix series.


I’m not sure I need this, but I’m confident I’ll buy it.


Yeah, dammit…


Its like all those Saturday Mornings I wasted in front of the TV will finally pay off.

I’ll hold out for the Thundarr RPG.


Interesting. I suppose the timing is supposed to align with the new tv show that’s coming out soon?

BTW, while it doesn’t have the official Masters of the Universe license or lore, Masters of Umdaar totally nails the vibe and is a great, lightweight alternative that uses the Fate Accelerated system. Probably better suited for a one-shot or mini-campaign than a full-blown campaign, but it’s got some fun mechanics that really support this genre.

I have that one in the Fate Worlds anthology Fate Worlds: Worlds Rise Up.

On this topic, for the hip hop fans in the crowd…

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That would be Savage RIFTS.

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Not sure how I missed this announcement but thanks! I also don’t think I need this but I am sure it will end up on my game shelf. :slight_smile:

I’ve been hoping for a He-Man game for a while now…

BTW, is the two D12s related to the Cortex rules?

In the Marvel Heroic implementation of Cortex Plus, if you let the Doom Pool build-up to 2d12, the GM could spend those two d12s to resolve the scene however they wanted (as long as it was fun for the table).

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Blast from the past here. Yup, Masters of Umdaar is awesome in this vein… and so is this:

Honestly, the “best/easiest way” to do He-Man is with 5e. Like they did with HellBoy.

Because just like 5E, He-Man is overpowered. Let’s face it, Prince Adam found a sword and became He-Man. There’s no learning curve there!

But like my friend mentioned, D&D is Hasbro and He-Man is Mattel. So it was never going to happen!

But I’ll be honest, as tempting as it can be because of the nostalgia factor, I won’t be going for it. For the simple reason that He-Man has no artistic value. It’s a cartoon that was made to sell an action figure. And then to sell more action figures. (See " The Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" on Netflix).

I’d rather save up for a Kickstarter with what I feel is an artistic interpretation… Like the upcoming “Dying Earth” campaign by DCC.

That wasn’t bad, but when they talk to Mr. Paul Cleveland in the MotU ep of The Toys That Made Us on Netflix… That’s the best retelling of the Battle Cat story ever. - and start at 15:00.

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