Marshaling for Mork Borg

@Gabe, @Hobbs, @Mrmiked42 – if you’re all still game for Mork Borg, let’s look at settling an actual date. I know Mike and Hobbs indicated that Thursdays were better, but to provide some options I’m going to look at Saturday mornings as well. Do either of these times and dates work?

  • Saturday April 17th, 8am - 12pm MDT
  • Thursday April 22, 7pm - 11pm MDT

Blocking 4hrs, but I’ll actually shoot for 3 or 3.5hrs. I can provide pregens, or you can roll your own in advance, whatever you prefer.

Let me know!

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Either works for me, though I’d definitely appreciate it kept to three hours on a Thursday night. The hour grows late in Central time.

Both dates are provisionally penned on my calendar.

Understood! I wish I was more comfortable running one-shots. What I have planned for MB should be pretty trim and tidy, though…

  • Thursday April 22, 7pm - 11pm MDT

works best for me, looking forward to it!

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I don’t think I can start at 9pm or am I mathing wrong?

Okay, we’re zeroing in!

Hobbs – I’m an hour behind you, a 7pm start in Colorado is 8pm in Illinois. (At least I think that’s your location.)

If that’s too late a start on a weeknight, we should probably look at the Saturday date. Does 8pm work, Mr. Hobbs?

Just making sure you’re seeing this, @Hobbs

I will consent work the caveat I have some upheaval in my life right now which may preclude me from participation regardless of how much I want to play.

Not trying to hijack–just adding that I recently ran MBorg and it was awesome. I ran Graves Left Wanting–took two 2hr sessions. Blast.

Totally understand, Hobbs. No worries if you can’t make it. I’ll do a little recruiting to see if we fill out the ranks of our miserable wretches a little more…

@Georgesedg – cool, and don’t worry about hijacking! Any advice? I’ve not run MB before…

Suggestions from our MB game sent via pm.
Swing that femur.

@Gabe, @Mrmiked42, @Hobbs, it’s looking like Saturday the 17th is better, at 8am MDT. Is that still doable? It’ll allow me to bring in @sean and maybe one more player. Hobbs, I know you are tentative regardless…

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Sounds good.

That’ll do, Pig. :pig:

ooooh boy. Meh ELL!

Indeed! And sweet, @Gabe and @Hobbs. Hopefully we’ll hear from Mike as well. Just need to get @Fafhrd up in here…

If you’re still hunting, I can die as fast as anyone!

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Open to stream the game? Question for everyone.

Fine here Sean, and @Georgesedg, you okay being an alt if someone can’t make it?

@Harrigan normally, I’d be totally okay being an alt, even an alt’s alt. Thanks! However, just yesterday, one of my players asked me to be in his two-shot this Sat and the next. I’ve been wanting to jump into one of his games again for a while–it’s been a few years–and he’s running Black Hack, which I’d like to see in action. So, short version, please count me out of alt status. Hope that’s fair play!

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