"Map" of our Avalon Neighborhood

I forgot to upload this here. I put together a “map” of The Isles, my group’s neighborhood in Avalon. Essentially we had enough locations in the neighborhood that I wanted to start keeping a closer eye on how close everything is to everything else.


color key?

Gold = Brotherhood of Sanitary Excavators
Light Blue = Liche Order
Light Red = The Griffons
Light Purple = Area that may no longer exist due to . . . reasons
Turquoise = Order of Apothecaries
Medium Green = Church of Hermes
Yellow = Fences Fraternity
Dark Red = Cadre of Vermin Catchers
Dark Grey = House of Odin
Light Grey = Unclaimed
Light Green = Player character home base


I like this approach - I’ve never thought about using this type of layout before. Did you come up with this or is it from another source? Either way I’m impressed :slight_smile:

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I think it’s kind of cross-pollinated from the turf maps in Blades in the Dark and the area map from Part Time Gods 2nd edition. It’s not 100% either of those, but I think those were both in my head when I was thinking about this setup.