Low Fantasy RPG - by Hobbs

@Hobbs of Hobbs 'n Friends rpg podcast has offered to run a game of Low Fantasy RPG. It would be a one shot. Tentative date would be Saturday, May 30th after noon cdt.

The following has expressed interest in participating.


Few questions.

  1. Can the above make the 5.30 after noon cdt time frame? I’m guessing 3-4 hour session.

  2. Is anyone else interested should the above not be able to make the 5.30 date, and you can?


That date and time works for me.

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Oh! Me! Me! Promise I’ll not make too much trouble for Mr Hobbs…:wink:

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@huscarl and @Forrest should be able to comment now.

@ctakahashi, you’re on the wait list.

I can make that date and times. Thanks for putting this together.

Semper Fidelis & Good Gaming,

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@ctakahashi - I expect you to make a LOT of trouble for Mr. Hobbs, don’t let me down! :rofl:

YESSIR! BS Game Police ready, Sir!

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I’ll struggle with the time.
That’s 11.30pm to 3.30am for me.

If that is going to be the time, I’ll drop out and let @ctakahashi cause as much trouble as he likes.

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Hobbs plays a Necromancer who never uses magic. Should I play a fighter who never brings out a weapon? Or maybe a Bard who performs via interpretive dance and communicates in the same way?


Hobbs wants to limit to 4 players. Sounds like @jim @huscarl myself and @Forrest if he chimes in.

I’m must waiting to see if Forrest is able to make the 30th and then we’ll firm everything up by the end of this weekend. Let me know if your situation has changed. We’re still shooting for Saturday the 30th afternoon for 4 hours.

Ok. Looks like Forrest is unable to make it and the time of day won’t work for @Glib_Comment. You’d think that guy lived in Ireland or something.

So the player list is updated above. I’ll see if I can get @Hobbs to take over from here with a solidified time and method. My guess is that it will be a combination of Roll20 and Discord.

Time of ‘day’.

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I’m fairly open for time I think on Saturday, 5/30. How about… 3, 4 or 5?

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Looking forward to it. I am open on the time.

Semper Fidelis and Good Gaming,

Any of those would work for me, but I like 3 the best. Thanks for running this, @Hobbs.

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I’m in!

Looking forward to this.


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My vote would be 3pm as well.

Note to self: Don’t jump out of planes before a plane crash is confirmed.

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Alright guys! Sounds like we are going for 3pm Saturday, 5.30 LFG. Pregens provided. You don’t have to get the rules, but they’re free.