Low Fantasy Gaming


I’m hoping to move my LFG books–LFG Deluxe (hardback), the LFG Companion (hardback) and Adventure Frameworks 1 (softcover). All are POD books (print on demand) as that is how LFG is sold. I’ll take pics if you like, but these are straight from DriveThru POD to my shelf, then maybe opened once. The end.

Paypal, Media Mail shipping, Lower 48 only (unless you want to pay wild shipping). I’m thinking 60 bucks for the lot…

Let me know if you’re interested or need more info.


Might be interested.

Could you get me a quote for the cheapest USPS to Canada?

Hi, and thank you.

I recently had one sort-of-heavy rpg book sent to me from Canada. The book was packed carefully, even a little extra bubble wrap, by request: it cost about 20 dollars US for that. So, I can imagine…somewhere in there?

My guess is it will be more. I don’t want you surprised. Any idea what the weight is on the three books?

I’m fine if surprised. Buyer pays shipping! I’ll see if I can find a scale somewhere after work.

Yo, I have not had a chance to check weight. Work, family, etc. I will get to it as soon as the fog clears.

Well, finally found a scale. Looks like abut 7lbs (3.2ish kg)

Yeah, shipping will double the price. Not really worth it. Sorry

No problem!

@sean It looks like I’m not getting any deep interest, here, which is fine! I was thinking of gifting this to one of the students in my rpg club. So, maybe close the thread? Please!