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What would you suggest to get for a gift for your DM? Preferable something that would help them run the game easier. I’m sure running a biweekly homebrewed game isn’t easy with a job and their own responsibilities, and I’d love to make it that a bit easier for them.


Dice trays like the ones from Easy Roller.
Build a custom initiative tracker if you’re crafty.
Gift cards to their FLGS or favorite websites.

My group commissioned an art piece for the finale of our Starfinder campaign. It hangs in my home office and while also being a beautiful piece of work, it also motivates me on a regular basis.


Minis can be great, provided that your GM is using them. They can be an expense that the GM often has to burden alone, so some cool monster and/or NPC minis are often welcome.

Depending on if you’re playing on-line or in-person, it could be cool to get a “gift card” type of thing to subscribe the GM to some extra features of the VTT of their choice.

@Akodoken’s call out for art is awesome - one of my most prized possessions is a custom art piece from a scene from my original Avalon campaign.


Custom Art++


Dice are nice.

Fuck Yeah dice. I mean the 1 is swapped out for the word fuck.
Another good die is the fuck me/fuck you die.
Fuck me=1
Fuck you=20

Something else that would help out a home brew gm would be a chart. Could be a loot chart, name chart, crit hit/fumble chart, location name chart. Sometimes it’s hard to bring up names of NPCs and location names on the fly. Always easy to roll for a name on a given chart.

Lastly give the gift that keeps giving. A new core rule book, maybe to a system/game you always wanted to try :slight_smile:


GM screen or custom GM screen with slots.
Special dice for advantage/disadvantage.


Dice & miniatures (if they use/collect them).


I’m gonna piggy back on Peter here.

I’ve been using this GM screen for probably a decade, different systems, I just change out what’s in it.

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One of my open table players got me a gift certificate at drivethru and another put or some cash towards my Roll20 sub.

Both were heartfelt and meaningful gifts. I’m tearing up thinking about it.


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Nah - we all love stuff like that!!!
Nice job - happy Christmas!

That looks like a great product.