Looking for players

How 'bout a section for groups looking for players, ONLINE or IN-PERSON?

I play Mondays at Games Plus in Mount Prospect IL at 6:00 pm and we’re looking for another player or two. We usually play DCC, though Savage Worlds and Fate have come up as possibilities for some to run.

Thanks for the read!


I second this as this should be a standard for any gaming forum group.

I agree with the on-line or in person header.

Good luck finding players! I’d love to play but the California commute would be a drag.

Where you at in California?

I’m in the Inland Empire Area (Corona, Chino Hills) BTW if you happen to be local (or somewhat local) my FLGS is hosting an RPG event this coming weekend. I’ll be running one shots of Dark Trails (DCC), kid friendly RPGs, Delta Green, and Paranoia and host of GMs will be running a variety of others. Come on down and check it out and support a FLGS

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I’m in the Phoenix Arizona area always looking for players.

If I wasn’t running MCC / Gamma World this weekend, I would. I game in Pasadena at the Game Empire. We have a group doing The Fantasy Trip or DCC on the first Saturday of the month, and I do MCC on the third Saturday of the month. The group also has a running Cthulhu game that is invite only away from the store.

If anyone is interested in the two mentioned above message me for more details.

I’d love to get the info for any of those. Pasadena is usually doable on a Saturday.

I made a new category - Gamers Looking For Gamers. I have moved this topic under that.

Happy gaming!

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