Looking for GM, apply inside!

Hello everyone! I am looking for so help from the BS community. I found a buddy that has been interested in playing RPG’s, but with the current situation, it’s hard to get together or form a new game group in person. As he is new to the hobby as well I told him to check out the podcast and join the community. This is where I need the help, he is mostly interested in playing COC, and I have only played D&D and DCC so not very versed in the mechanics of Cthulhu, I have read a lot of Lovecraft but have not gone insane yet. After doing some reading and listening to some of the episodes about COC it sounds like a lot of fun. Is there a GM out there that would like to start a new Call of Cthulhu game that would be 100% online. There is a really good chance we would need two or three more players as well.
I think this would be a once or twice a month probably not a real long campaign but long enough to dive into the depths of sanity.
Thanks for looking at this, send me a message if you are interested and we will get this train moving.
Mike Hess

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Good luck. Wish I could help, but my schedule is rot. Happy hunting!

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I haven’t run COC since the 80’s. I’m not very versed in the new system, but would love to join you guys in play!

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I would be happy to run a short CoC adventure online. I’ve playing and running CoC online via Skype with just shared Google Docs for years, and it has been great. Recently, I’ve been playing in a friend’s CoC game via Roll20, giving us a little more visual focus and character sheets with dice rollers. That’s been good, but I’m not sure the VTT’s been adding a ton. Anyway–let me know. But be patient, somehow emails from this forum get marked as spam so I often don’t see them for a while. Must be all the BS floating around…


I’ll join! What time and date?


Awesome! Edwin has sent me a couple of questions and time and date are one. Hope to have that figured out soon. Any day of the week that is better than the rest?

Weekends, mon and tues are best for me.



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I am a big fan of CoC and have ran a few games of it. I would be interested in joining if there is room and the time works.

Awesome! There is defiantly room. Still putting the day and time together, I think right now Thursdays evenings might be the day. @enn.in.me and @ctakahashi would that work for you both? Edwin has asked about the era as well, any request? I have another friend that is going to play he is a H.P Lovecraft fan and is voting on 20’s - 30’s.

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I’m currently doing Sean’s Mothership game on alternate Thursdays. We are on this week. I’m on the West coast, so not too early please.



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I am also doing Mothership, but i think we might die tonight!


It seems like there is thought of alternate weeks and not an imminent start, so that should all work. Especially if you’re all going to die.

I’m in Eastern time, and would not want run past 11 PM my time/8 Pacific.

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Oh man I laughed so hard when I read the comment from @Dirtilus. I have been watching that stream on Twitch but I missed last night. Friday is good as well I just know as summer is coming those might be filled with other activities. My wife will make me take her on a date or something. I am in Mountain time so 2 hours behind @enn.in.me and 1 hour behind @Dirtilus and 1 hour a head of @ctakahashi. I am confident we will make this work, maybe start with Friday’s and move to Thursdays once you all die. Or it seems like Sean will kill all of you off but leave one living just so they live the rest of their PC life with that memory. Edwin do you want us to start making characters?

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Hey! we’re all still alive!

So far I see your friend’s vote for 20s - 30s era. I haven’t seen anything else. So assuming we go that route, the adventure I’d like to run comes with pregens. It is set in Smalltown, America, 1920s. Available PCs, school chums all, include: Betty Considine, waitress, Elois Bircher, school teacher, Bert Lowry, car salesman, Annabelle Hearn, kitchen hand, Fred Schenck, barber, and Wesley Frost, bank clerk. They are all 27 years old.

I’ll go for the ultimate in evil: car salesman.


Sounds great. My friend (Scott) said he will take Wesley Frost. I will go with Elois Bircher unless @Dirtilus wants that one.

sounds like fun

I sent individual messages to each of you with links to your investigators. Let me know if you have any issues downloading/understanding/etc.

I’m thinking we’ll play via Zoom and roll our own dice. Camera not required but I might occasionally use Zoom’s share screen feature for a handout or quick sketch. Once we have a time, I’ll private message everybody a link.

I’ll propose, based on dialogue above, starting Friday, June 5 at 6 PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern for a two-hour session, and then again June 19. I’d start us on 5/29, but I have a busy weekend of gaming for Frog God Games’ Day that weekend, along with some other games.

Four is a fine number of players, and I won’t push for any more, but there is room for two more.


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I will have to be tentative for Friday (Fri-Sun). The weekend is usually reserved for family / neighborhood activities. I might be playing D&D with the family, firepit, camping or home doing nothing. As of now, nothing is planned for the 5th, but family IRL friends come first.
So, one more person for a Cthulhu game would be awesome!

And Fred looks pretty awesome!

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