Looking for a topic...tracking wealth

Has there been an episode where the topic of PC wealth has been discussed?

Tired of tracking coins and individual purchases, I’ve experimented with several other methods that abstract wealth. It’s more a matter of what standard of living the PCs can afford. Anything appropriate to that category they can just have. More expensive items they may have to roll against their standard of living and possibly take on debt to acquire. Large influxes (treasure) can increase their standard of living (SoL) by a small amount for a long time, or much higher for a brief period. Anyway, you get the idea.

I was wondering if any other methods had been discussed…

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I don’t think so. Yo @Fafhrd you gotta another topic you didn’t have to think up!

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This would be helpful, if you actually gather a few methods before recording. :wink:

For example: White Wolf’s “Resources” background?

A small snippet:

Noted and in the Hopper!

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That’s the basic idea. I’m looking for that and similar ideas.

I’m starting basic and seeing how that works. I’ve come up with a scale of wealth from 1-10. With 1 being homeless and begging on the streets up to 10 being Upper Nobility and beyond.

I’m assuming PCs are able to maintain their beginning wealth level. They can buy anything appropriate to that wealth level without tracking it. If they want something more expensive, they may go into debt (which effectively decreases their current wealth level.) If they get a huge influx of cash (treasure, reward, etc), then I’ll allow that to increase their wealth level a number of levels temporarily or a lesser number permanently (exactly how many will depend on how big the reward it.)

I just want to track these things more generally and not come up with exhaustive price lists and run session-long shopping sprees. Luckily my players are in agreement and don’t really care about the tracking money part of the game.

I moved this from ‘Calling BS’ to ‘Get to the Hopper’. Former is for current episodes. The latter is topic suggestions. Thanks Tom!

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Our DM doesn’t track cairns and individual purchases. We find treasure, we want to buy things, he tells us how much it costs. He doesn’t double check our math. He trusts us not to spend more than we have.

I was trying to find my ruminations on how treasure in D&D, despite how it is presented, really is abstract, and why, and then I realized that it was a Twitter rant instead of a blog post.

Shadow of the Demon Lord has a nice, simple Standard of Living thing it does, but it can still result in bean counting. I would also check various incarnations of Fate for a “Resource” stress track (e.g. Bulldogs), Barbarians of Lemuria for a cool system that sees the PCs forced to blow all their treasure before they are allowed to earn XP, and King of Dungeons for a take on treasure that has the PCs track resources in three areas: Kit, Coin, and Lifestyle. Pretty cool.

My favorite approach, and one of the simplest, is to abstract it away with a Black Hack style Usage Die – as seen in Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells. So rate your Wealth with a die value, say a d6. When you want to use it to buy something significant, roll it; on a 1-2, it shrinks to a d4. If you test that d4, rolling a 1-2 means you’re broke and can’t afford anything that costs serious coin. You could use advantage and disadvantage to model items that are particularly cheap, or expensive, without having to put price tags on everything. I also like the idea that a nice haul might mean you go ‘up’ a couple of dice bands, say taking your d6 Wealth Die to a d10. Carrion Lands also takes this approach, and uses a similar resource / usage die for food, water, blood… and even doom.

Agree it would be a fun topic to hear the guys muse about.