Looking for 5e advice--buying PC features

Howdy 5e fans,
I’m running a charity game at TotalCon. It’s an over-the-top, team-versus-team, 3-5th level funnel-type adventure where players can donate money to have good things happen to themselves or their team or bad things to the other teams. We have lots of general ideas–monsters can appear, PCs can get magic items, healing, etc. What I’m looking for are some ideas that specifically harness 5e mechanics. The obvious one is a player can buy advantage on the next roll (this would be a fairly low level donation). I could imagine making a hit into a critical. Perhaps a player could buy their PC a feature (sneak attack? an extra attack? missile catching? etc.) from another class. I don’t care how over powered it might make the PCs–the dungeon is redonkulous (Tegel Manor 5e), but the things need to be easy to explain and implement and attractive to players. I’m happy to take ideas for mechanics related “curses” as well (to go against the other team. Thanks!

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