Look at ALL of these RPG's to Play!

There are some tenacious game masters in our community that want to run games for BS’ers. If you haven’t checked them out, now is the time.

Conan 2d20
Against the Darkmaster
FATE Accelerated
Mork Borg
Delta Green
Operation White Box
Twilight 2000 Alpha
White Lies
The Black Hack
Low Fantasy Gaming
FFG Star Wars
Warhammer Fantasy RP 4e
Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader
Pacts of Blades
Shadow of the Demon Lord
Blades in the Dark
Band of Blades
Scum and Villany

What is that? 25 different RPG’s?!!!

Thanks to @Gabe @Harrigan @Hobbs @Isaiah @Mrmiked42 @digitalhobbit @Young0ne2 @mgr @Luckstrider for listing all of these.

Check out the list and put your name down for the game (far right) OR put down some games you’d like to play on the ‘Look to Play’ sheet, tab at the bottom!



I’ve used a website named Warhorn a few times, you can list a single session or a full event/convention


I forgot about Warhorn. I always considered it a precursor to Tabletop Events.

What time of night are you planning to run Star Wars FFG? I have rehearsals till 8 p.m. CT on Thursdays.

Trying to figure that out @billarnold. I am reluctant to run one shots. I’d rather do a 4 session arc. Right now it’s hard for people to accommodate so I’m putting it off a bit.

Okay, thanks, @sean! Hope something can work out in the future!

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