Lamentations of the Flame Princess

I like the aesthetic and look of LotFP it seems cool but Im a little confused - If I play basic D&D but think more like a keeper is that not sort of the same thing as LotFP.? Has anyone played? what makes it different?

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I haven’t played it (the aesthetic isn’t really for me), but I’ve looked over the rules a few times when considering systems to run. It’s very similar to B/X D&D mechanically, but with a few differences.

  • Clerics get a spell at first level
  • Magic-Users can have more spells in their spell book than they can cast in a day
  • More extensive spell lists
  • Ascending AC
  • Instead of Thief, there’s a Specialist with a d6 hit die and a more flexible skill system
  • Dwarves get a d10 hit die
  • A more extensive equipment list with a Renaissance / Early Modern feel, with firearms
  • A much simpler encumbrance system

Each of those things would be pretty easy to house-rule into Basic D&D (and people often do), but if you want to use them all, and you like LotFP’s unique feel, you way as well play it instead. Either way, they’re close enough that material for one can be used pretty much as-is with the other.

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Hmmm,it does just seem to be pretty much the same - I could probably just play Ravenloft to get a similar feel

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Lamentations is essentially a Basic D&D clone (though Mr Raggi will argue it’s inspired by Red Box Basic more than B/X) with some house rules (from memory there are things like defensive fighting etc)

What sets it apart really is the tone and style which is more apparent in the published adventures than the rules themselves. Of course because it’s a D&D clone you could easily use any of basic games or retroclones to run LoTFP adventures.


I’m pretty tempted to give it a go although I remember it being tough to DM Ravenloft back in the day – Adventurers who are used to going into dark monster ridden holes for fun can be hard to scare and unlike CoC there was no real mechanic to fall back on. I suppose it would rely on good roleplay and some subtlety to make it work. I’ll need to see if I can check out any of the modules and see what they say

I checked out the Ref book and I get how it deals with “Horror” - I think I’ll give a go but will need to choose the players and material with care.

Love their hardback presentations for Free RPG Day!


Im still waiting for my copy of the physical book so i havent seen all the artwork - Im not sure when I’ll get a chance to run it though as I think were just gonna go with Ad&d 2ed with a few mods. - Some of its ideas and the ideas from some of the OSR stuff Ive been looking at will probably bleed into any games that I get to play.- adding a level of “weird” seems like a plan