Kingdom style P-B-P

A thought occurred to me this past week while thinking about the last session we had in our bi-weekly Pathfinder game.

Specifically, we’re playing the Kingmaker adventure and i have found myself liking the kingdom managing portion a lot more than i thought i would. And all this week i’ve been thinking about making a huge map, placing random kingdoms through out it, and running through the kingdom mechanics presented in Pathfinder to see how things would roll out.

Then i remembered one of the first forums that i actually jumped on was Strolen Citadel, and they had a huge play-by-post section, with their “introduction” game being a large blank map that forum users could claim and develop a kingdom for, with the PBP part being diplomatic discussion / event role play between the kingdoms, or key figures in your own kingdom. (Something Ala Microscope)

And so i thought I would throw the idea up here, for a few reasons.
The first being to gauge interest in that type of fun. Are their people on the BS forums that would want to participate in that kind of game?
Honestly the Role play has some issues, mainly if people dont want to do it and if people REALLY want to do it. Which stripping it down to a Civilization style game (roll dice, distribute points, advance kingdom, etc etc) could also work out fine.

The Second is would it be more entertaining to watch the kingdoms similar to how one watches a game or a fish tank??
Maybe no one here wants to actually play, but you guys want to watch how things expand, grow, and see what happens, to harvest for ideas or game hooks?

The last reason, is more of a creative excuse for myself.
I have a lot of interest, mostly creative hobbies, and because of how life is now, as an adult, I dont get to do them as much as i would like, nor do i have a great deal of access to those who like to play games in the same way as i do. ( i feel if i lived close to St. Louis or Northern Wisconsin, i would not have my same issues). That aside, I also tend to do more creative things when I have a responsibility / obligation to do them.

Either way, let me know some of your thoughts. If nothing else, maybe this will turn into a world building journal, if only a small one.

Hey YO2,

Civilization is one of my favorite PC games of all time. That being said each iteration is more of the same - usually only prettier, but still the same. There has been almost no innovation in the genre. I always felt that I needed more.

Back in the day I ran Harn (Columbia Games) first with AD&D and then with Harnmaster. Sometime in the early 80s the put out HarnManor. I thought this was very cool and since the PC were of sufficient experience we branched out and I converted the campaign to a Land, Economics and Politics (LEP) campaign using that. I think it went okay. Some of the PCs were into and others not.
Later in the 90s I played a similar LEP using Fudgified Aria rules. This game got way into culture building which was great for my creative bent, but it eventually died because of the time it took to run each turn and manage from the GMs side.

This all being said, I like the idea of creating a culture/nation/state and develop it through role/roll play. The introduction of roll - read opposition, chance and luck - is much more creative and fun than just writing creatively. I am interested in a P-B-P style nation building game. I will pull some resources together and post them in the next few days.

Semper Fidelis and Good Gaming

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Color me intrigued. I’ll be watching with interest… either to participate or follow along, whatever you come up with!


Alrighty, I’m a try to get a map put together in the near future and an easyish rules for those interested to follow.
We’ll see what comes of it!

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Has anyone looked at MCDMs Strongholds and Followers? Matt and folks have Kingdoms & Warfare Kickstarter. These might be good rules to use for this project…

Semper Fidelis & Good Gaming All

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I’m very interested in the Kingmaker building a kingdom portion of the game. Please let me know how it is going from time to time. I love to see how a city runs when it is created by one person but has the in put of players with it. Color me intrigued as well!

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