Kids Games?

My little brother wants me to run a game for him and his friends, ages 12-13. Do you guys have any tips or ideas that could help them get into the game as first time role players?

Don’t skip character generation…
Find ways to say yes.

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Start small and build your story from there. As your new players throw out ideas, use those as building blocks. This is a good idea in general but great with new, young gamers.

12-13 !!
I started on the weekend of my best friends 13th birthday - basic blue box, caves of chaos.

Don’t worry about the role play at the start - monsters, exploration and magic treasures should hook them, then you can work in the role playing once they are hooked on the coolness.

Potions, magic weapon ( have it light up when certain monsters are near), a wand for a wizard.

Start them at the entrance to your “dungeon” - and remember EVERYTHING will be new to them, so don’t be afraid of tropes.

Sounds great - hope you have a blast!

I was going to disagree. “they can just use pregens”. And as soon as I thought that… “no way, even today Character Gen is the some of the most concentrated fun. The generation of ideas.” Great, concise tip.


Just stumbled across this, @Diannemariz18 – sorry to be late to the party. My recommendations are Tiny Dungeon, Quest, No Thank You Evil, and Kids on Bikes.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Kids on Bikes, @Harrigan. My oldest daughter is 11 and is starting to really get into those types of kids movies. Might be something I need to check out!

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Nice! Have fun bringing her into the hobby!

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