Kickstarter Episode

Possibly everybody on this forum has backed a gaming/rpg product on Kickstarter. What to talk about on the show?

What products are available for gaming (rpg books, terrain, 3D printers for terrain and miniatures, dice, accessories, expansions, etc…).

Pros & cons (unique items/wait times for product release).

Personal reviews (some creators you trust/ some that you would not back again).

The experience of getting a product funded on Kickstarter.


I second this idea, I’d like to know how you decide whether or not to back a product? Do you back supplements for existing systems or would you back new rules systems? Do you need to have experience with the publisher to back their product? How do you determine if the supplement for an existing system is fair or overpowered?


@Fafhrd yo yo yo…you see this, hoss?

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@Sean - yep, I see it! It’s a damned good idea too!

If you’re looking for ones to discuss for example, Hero Forge went insane and just released this one 20 min ago, and they hit 200k in ten minutes.

This one’s absurd to me because there’s so many points of failure/contention. Hand painting minis? That’s a tall order. I can’t wait to see how expensive it’s going to be once 2.0 goes live.

Their monochrome figures are $20 a pop, $30 for detailed plastic. Assuming the price doubles for the color printing (could be even more), you’re looking at $50+ for a single figure. You can get much cheaper painted figures on etsy. Not as much customization, but I don’t see these as mass-market products.

Still, they’re really hurting the customer base by cranking up the options per buyer.

Really tough to consider the investment, as I agree with your cost projection.