Joshua220's Games

Hello everyone! I’m going to go into a bit more detail about my games being offered on the Roundtable Spreadsheet here. All of my games are OpenD6 or a homebrew thereof, or as some might know it better, West End Games’ D6 system. Known best for its use as the system for Star Wars D6. It’s a dice pool system that’s easy to learn and pick up, especially for newbies. If you think a non-rpg playing friend would be interested in one of my offered games, try to rope them in!

Weekdays between 6pm and 11pm EST
Saturdays between 12pm and 8pm EST

Games Available

Pirates Oneshot
Rating: PG-13
Shiver me timbers and blow me down! Have you ever wished you were a swashbuckling adventurer marauding through the Caribbean in search of fortune and gold? Inspired by media like the Pirates of the Caribbean, Sid Meyer’s Pirates!, and Assassin’s Creed Black Flag this one-shot will see a group of pre-generated characters touring colonies as privateers searching for great wealth.
This should be a great introduction to the system. The session ran 4 hours with 5 players when I ran it at a con.

Western Oneshot
Rating PG-13
Saddle up and get ready to ride! As the United States fulfilled its manifest destiny, many moved out West in search of freedom and wealth; including some unsavory characters looking to take advantage of the West’s lawlessness. Inspired by classic westerns like The Magnificent 7, this one to three session mini campaign will see a group of brave frontiersmen and women bringing outlaws to justice in the American Southwest. Pre-gen characters can be made available. Fun fact: This is a rewrite of the first ever campaign that I ran as a first-time GM!

Fallout Campaign
Rating: R
In 2077, rampant consumerism has led to the United States and China fighting over the remaining stores of oil. Not much is known about what triggered the events of October 23rd, but the world was blanketed in nuclear fire. Few were able to reach government constructed Vaults. You are one of their descendants, 150 years later, raised your entire life underground, unaware of how the world outside has progressed. Based on the video game franchise of the same name, this sandbox campaign will see a group of vault dwellers exploring a post apocalyptic atompunk 1950’s sci-fi wasteland that’s equal parts strange and bleak. No previous knowledge of the setting required.



This is my first time signing up for a game here, and I’ve never played an OpenD6 game, but here goes. The only potential issue is that I’m from the EU (CET), so the only viable time to play within your schedule for me is weekends between 12 pm and 6 pm (that’s between 6 pm and midnight CET). And I’ll be abroad during the second half of August.

If schedules align, I’ll gladly play :slight_smile:

I’m can make myself available for weekday times!

I’d be most excited for the Western game.

Neat! Thanks to people’s interest, it looks like I’m going to be able to begin running the pirate one-shot soon. Anyone who signed up can expect a discord message from me within the next few weeks.