Join the rebellion!


Fight the tyranny of the Empire!
Join the Alliance!

We are looking for you to join the cause against the Emperor and his regime. It’s time for a change, but it’s not going to happen alone. Races are being enslaved. Mass discrimination. Trade lanes are being heavily taxed. Freedoms are being erased. The justice system is corrupt. The holonet is filled with government propaganda.

If you are interested in helping the galaxy become a better place to live, contact us! We want to talk to you.
We are looking for healthy, able-bodied individuals, to take on missions for the Alliance.

  • Single missions - often done in one trip, two at the most
  • Limited obligation - serve when you’re available, complete a mission, go back to your ‘normal’ life

Comment below to be added to our duty roster and correspondence!


I’m good for Star Wars, Friday Saturday Sunday MST.

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Reporting for duty!!

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Me please!

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I’m here for it

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I’ve got a bad feeling about this.


Good luck…



Hell! Who wants to live forever?

Count me in!

Count me in too!

For the Emperor!!!

Whoops… I’m here to help the Republic where I can.

Reporting for duty sir!

Count me interested!

Interested in trying out a mission or two, even if I have to admit I’m not that steeped in Star Wars lore.

I have to say my own level of expertise is confined to the Original Trilogy (so I’m eager to jump into Age of Rebellion), though I haven’t practiced my knowledge in a long while.

Though I can see gaming Star Wars getting me interested in finally watching The Mandalorian and Clone Wars (though of course I watched the Tartakovsky version, back in the day), so maybe I’ll grow more conversant in this newfangled stuff.

Strike me down… Hopefully sessions won’t be to early on weekdays. I’m PST.


Green seven, standing by.

Ready and willing. Hopefully available!

@sean Do you have a preferred online, fillable PDF CS for this? Or a recommended one? I expect all characters will be replicated in Foundry anyway, so maybe it doesn’t matter at all?

May the Force be with us! I’m in if there’s still room.

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I would be interested