Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure

Greetings BSers! It’s been a couple years, but our buddy Cory Welch is once again organizing the Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure, 16 hours of streamed RPGing in support of crushing cancer. Saturday, Dec. 11 from 9 AM Eastern to 1 AM Eastern (love to get some West Coasters and some Australians out to keep us going during the wee hours!). I’m running some holiday Orcus cheer using DCC from 1 to 5 and would super excited to have your donations mess with the game! Good cause, good fun, good people. Thanks.


Looks like I may have been mistaken about the hours. I’ll update once it’s all confirmed. Also pleased to report that we’re having some MCC in slot 4 thanks to “Luau” Lou Hoefer (This Ol’ Dungeon podcast). DCC-ish in slot 1 from Brendan LaSalle, and Castles & Crusades in the the three slot.