Jared's Streets of Avalon Game (via Zoom)


Behold, the sign up sheet!

I’m looking for five or so hearty adventurers to start up a Streets of Avalon game, via Zoom. I’m not planning on using a VTT for this, but I would like to record sessions for a potential posting to YouTube.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to be gaming with some of you soon!


If love to but 7pm is 1am in Ireland.
I wouldn’t survive. I’ll look forward to YouTube.

That’s a nice sign up sheet.


Thank you!

Good luck with this! I’d love to play but I can’t commit to the day and number of sessions combo.

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I actually had to turn down a game the other day; but this sounds really attractive.

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I need another gaming fix. I filled out the googledoc. I am/was somewhat reluctant to do video recording, but it is the 21st century - soo, why not. If the world ever gets back to normal I might not be able to make it exactly at 7:00PM Central. I’m in Seattle.

Semper Fidelis


For anyone that is interested in seeing how our Session Zero went, here is the video.

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