It's ALIVE! How 2 RPG

To say there are a few youtube channels around ttrpg’s is an understatement. Many do reviews of products, actual plays, commentary (Brett’s best friend and look-alike, Colville), and some go over the rules. I just thought, maybe there’s a way it can be done a bit ‘better’… or differently.

How 2 RPG is more of a channel that covers rpg subsystems. The idea came to me after seeing how well Gaming & BS’s episode on Gum Shoe is one of our highest viewed shows on Youtube. It was solidified as I played Stars Without Number and we did ship combat. Ship combat made sense after playing a couple rounds. Of course we could read the book, but video can lend commentary, context and quips that help better explain what may not be easily understood via the literary medium.

Want to know how spell duels in DCC works? I’ll talk about that.

The videos are meant to be relatively short and even entertaining. Not sure on the latter.

Ideas are welcome as I fill the list with things to talk about. Are you curious about how something works in one of your favorite rpg’s but haven’t delved into yet? Let me know below in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment. LOL. Yay youtube speak!



Is that what you had to do to make it work? “How to” isn’t allowed but “How 2” is?

Please release a podcast version? I like downloading and playing later.

Episode on Mothership Combat was great, btw!

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I think i used a graphic with some copyright info, which is understandable, but I thought I had ‘open for reuse with modifications’. Don’t want to use someone else’s stuff without the proper ok.

@OldSchoolDM, I’ll see what I can do. Might involve additional cost. I thought there are now ways to listen without having to keep your phone ‘unlocked’. And, thank you Randy.

There is. It has a monthly cost I don’t want to pay. But, I’m only one listener. :slight_smile:

Or, more precisely, I already support y’all financially another way…


Traveller 5, the AGE system used in the Expanse rpg, cypher system, gumshoe, 2 d20 systems? Chase mechanics in just about everything?


Good list. Thanks Curtis.

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Looking forward to the videos!

I am in fact interested in DCC spell duels. :slight_smile:
(I’ve read that section twice and it still feels overwhelming, so for now I’m ignoring it…)

DCC spells in general could actually be an interesting topic, e.g. Mercurial Effects, Manifestations, etc.

DCC Luck is another one - perhaps both the regular rules (how to burn luck, lucky sign / birth augurs, how luck modifies certain checks) and Lankhmar’s Fleeting Luck.

I don’t think you’ve played Shadow of the Demon Lord, but the initiative system (Fast Turns / Slow Turns) is one of my favorite elements, as well as Boons & Banes as a different take on modifiers.


Will add those to the list. THank you Mirko!

Chase mechanics
Great call. How about an episode smooshing and contrasting them all.

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