Ironsworn RPG Solo Playthrough

Ironsworn is an RPG that has some features for solo play, or team play without a GM. I recorded a playthrough of myself and my character Rassa, for anyone that might be interested.


This is one of my favorite PbtA games right now, it’s even better with the Delve supplement.

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Solo play? Like Choose Your Own Adventure?

I’ve heard the term Solo RPG a lot lately, but have not had time to investigate.

It’s a lot more open-ended than Choose Your Own Adventure. Essentially, you are defining what the unexpected elements are when you decide your character is doing a particular thing, and there are several charts in the game to prompt you for what the answer might be if you don’t have an answer, called oracles.

It’s actually a pretty interesting improvisational tool. I was trying to make sure that everything I was introducing into my own story was interesting and had some weight to it, which is good practice for off the cuff decisions from players.


Cool. I will need to check this out.

Does it have any value at improving GM skills?

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In case podcast (all audio) format is more appealing for you, here is the episode of my solo actual play of Ironsworn.