Introduce Yourself!

Hello All!! Lou Renton (Feelin Good Louis) here. Broadcasting from a little place with too many people called New Jersey.

Been listening to the podcast since Decemberish. I was starting to see many of the gaming Youtube channels I watched slowly converting from people who were passionate about this hobby, to mostly caring about what type of thumbnail will get them the most clicks. So I grabbed a pack full of iron rations and set out exploring other media.

I wasn’t big on podcasts, having only listened to 2 ever on Pandora; TED Talks Daily and American Revolution Podcast (Michael Troy, very passionate about his milieu and loaded with rpg seeds) So why not search for an rpg podcast on Pandora considering I play it 10+ hours a day (mostly heavy metal and Industrial music but have been known to click Earth, Wind, and Fire, Brahms, and others - we don’t mention the Justin Bieber incident) Lo and behold, it led me to a couple of dull misshapen pearls and this 1,000 gp diamond of shinyness. Gaming and BS has resurrected my faith in community for the sake of community. Even though this is my 1st contribution, I feel that all of the BSer’s are buddies that I’ve been hanging out with. Respectfulness is not skill to be taken lightly. This community exudes it.

Enough gushing…

I started gaming in the late 80’s when I came across a copy of the D&D Holmes Box Set at a flea market…never used!!! It wouldn’t stay that way for long. Not sure how many times as a kid I read the rulebook and the module Keep on the Borderlands, but I could recite them verbatim. Unfortunately it did not have suggestions for how to get people interested in playing the game. I tried to get my friends to play in Middle School and up through High School. But to no avail. Apparently hacky-sacking was a more sought after group activity. You should see my signature cross-legged-toe-flip-hat-stall. Hey, “when in Rome”.

Through the years of not playing I stayed in the hobby with My subscriptions to Dungeon and Dragon Magazines, reading Dragonlance novels, and purchasing an occasional adventure module. Then 3.0 arrived and I bought everything; Read everything I could find. Unfortunately, still no players.

Later I would get married and move an hour away from my hometown. Now enter “The Game Store”. Not sure of it’s actual name, but it was and will forever be “The” game store. The aisles of books, board games, and minis. I’ll never forget the day I was asked “Hey, do you want to play GURPS?” My reply, “Sure. What’s that”. Before actually playing a game I knew I liked the hobby. After playing a game, I knew this was more than a hobby. It was a tribe that I could roll with. (figuratively and literally).

Present Day:
Games GM’d in the last 5 years that are done:

  • a RAW pathfinder game 1/2 of the players in person and 1/2 on Skype (bi-weekly for 2 years)
  • a DCC game started with character funnel (they survived a few months!) weekly/bi-weekly
  • a homebrew campaign (weekly for 15 months)
  • a few homebrew 1-shots

I currently GM these games.

  • a RAW Forbidden Lands game in person
  • a Year Zero Engine game play by post using Discord (just started)
  • a Year Zero Engine Star Wars game using Skype
  • an occasional Delta Green game to take a break
  • occasional 1-shots with homebrew rules

I would consider myself a renaissance man of rpg’s. I will read any rulebook, sourcebook, or adventure from any system that I have not yet read (or have forgotten). My favorite thing is the challenge of Frankensteining (definitely a verb) all of these rules and lore together into a cohesive campaign that makes story and gaming sense.

That’s me in a nutshell…OK…maybe a very large mutant size nutshell.

I am very happy to be here.


Well Lou - you have me feelin’ good!

Excellent bio. You will fit in nicely. Check out the Gaming Moot where you can run or play in games with the GBS community.

Welcome and we are glad you are here.


Big welcome to NubiS and FeelinGoodLouis.
Glad to have you folks here. Welcome to the party!

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Glad you stumbled upon us and enjoyed the show. And thank you for elaborating! We never really know for sure how people come across us, so the story is great.

Plenty of Free League love going around, but hey! whatever game floats your boat.

Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you around. :slight_smile:

What part of NJ are you from? I’m in central Jersey right now, about an hour from NY and an hour from Philly. It’d be neat to meet with another BS’er at a local con (especially if you’re going to run something)

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Central Jersey also. Monmouth County. I do not have plans to be at a local con yet this year. But I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks Josh.

I’ll message you separate if you wish to meet up somewhere to BS.

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Hi, my name is Chuck and I live in the Madison area. I’ve been listening to Gaming and BS for a while now, but rarely game. Some past RPGs I’ve played are Achtung! Cthulhu, Star Wars RPG 2nd Ed. WEG, DCC, Call of Cthulhu and Boot Hill 2nd Ed. I’d like to get back into some more gaming and am willing to try just about any game that needs some players. I’ll be adding my info to the Roundtable spreadsheet. Great to meet everyone!


Greetings Chuck Vornak :slight_smile:

Greetings! Hope you’re having a good night.

Welcome to the GBS forums!

Welcome Chuck!!!

@Vornak , Chuck, great to see you joined the ranks! I’m a newer BS’er who greatly enjoys being a part of this community. This bunch are some of the most welcoming and respectful people I’ve come across on the internet. Have fun chatting it up!

Welcome Chuck!

Hey Chuck, good to see you over hear too. :smiley: Glad you’re looking to play some games, I know some GM’s could use a good player.

Brett and I have both personally met @Vornak. Now where is that Raether guy?

(Wow I feel old, I think I posted this right this time) Hi, I’m Erica I started listening to gaming and bs when I was trying to teach myself how to dm/game keep for a family game of monster of the week. Then I thought hey I like these guys there’s something oddly familiar about them…ope they’re from Wisconsin too! Nice. About a year later I was asked to join a dnd group at work and you guys really helped me become a better player.
In real life im an alchemist…well not quite im a hazmat responder for one of the big shipping companies. My advice not all alchemists are created equal so wash those hands and get rid of that cardboard.



Thank you for listening to the show. We appreciate it. And thank you for joining the forums! Please let me know if you need anything. I hope you partake in BSer CON in January!


Welcome, welcome!! We could always use an alchemist in the group.


Welcome to the community! Cardboard tip noted!


Welcome Erica / Zulaya!

You’ve just inspired an NPC class for D&D - every kingdom should have hazmat teams ready to clean up after zombie plagues, summoning mishaps and toxic fireball spills!!

This is a great place full of greats folks… glad you joined up.

(oh and don’t worry about feeling old - a number of us here are approaching our sell-by date:


Greetings Erica,
Nice name :slight_smile:

Welcome to the slow channel. Discord is fast and furious if you are so inclined.


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