Interesting badge

Hmm. A badge that only @JaredR and I have…

I would have guessed that our illustrious hosts would have one too…


That tracks.

I’m willing to bet a small amount that you and Jared and perhaps Sean are the only souls entitled to this template. Brett is off doing ranger stuff in the woods quite often and I imagine he has missed a few days…


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It’s true… I am not worthy… :disappointed:

Hey now - that was not what I meant - the Midwest would be overrun with orcs, goblins, trolls, wargs and giant spiders without you brave Dunedain patrolling the wilds from your isolated cabin-forts.
Be proud good ranger!!

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Well said! I’ll head back to the wilds and keep darkness at bay for another day :slight_smile:

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Devotee is nice and all, but I was thinking more of this: