Inspiration As I Read

Reading through this Avalon book has me inspired. Here’s an example:

Runners and pages of Hermès get a tattoo of wings on an ankle. (If you have a tattoo on both ankles, you are a master runner.) They are oath bound to deliver their messages exactly as given to them. Any interference with a runner gets you in trouble. A forged tattoo gets you in more trouble. A runner who is found intentionally distorting a message will be punished by having the offending foot, including the ankle with the tattoo, cut off.

These messengers typically wear “short pants” even in harshest weather so their tattoos are obvious.


Inexplicably, doppelgängers are unable to mimic the Hermès tattoo.


@Fafhrd - do you have this tattoo?

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Next idea, continuing the idea of using Warhammer: What if Avalon had Demons of Nurgle below the city instead of otyoghs (sp)? For some reason, they are not hostile…as long as the filth is flowing. If something stops the effluent and offal, the creatures become subject to instability and get angry, noticing the people above for the first time. So, to go with your drought or your sewer breach, not only is nasty stuff flooding in the wrong places/directions, you also have an angry demon.


hmm i’m wondering if they do regular rituals, this causes a distortion field that floats up - like an astral meme or mystical static

makes people forget to clean stuff, makes them just throw waste in the street, when folks say ahh i’ll clean it tomorrow - it’s like a minor prayer to the nurgle cult.


“I’ll clean it up tomorrow.” I love it.


I don’t know where I had the idea come from, but I even asked Brett about it at the last GameHoleCon, I thought there were something like a group of roof runners. It’s still there in my head and I’ve been thinking about them being sort of a rogue group so try to stay under the radar of the Hermes folk. I’m sure the Hermes runners don’t ask questions and deliver messages discreetly, so I’m not too sure if this idea would even fit in. I imagine them parkouring across the city to deliver messages or other goods that the temple wouldn’t.


I have two adventure ideas. 1) One is regarding the eye of Odin. One night a year everyone lights candles and “looks” for the eye of Odin? What happens if someone accidentally finds it? Not that they were looking. Nobody looks, right? But they find it. Just a lowly PC in the middle of a crowded neighborhood. What do you do with it? It resists destruction. It shows back up if you try to ditch it. Others soon, somehow, become aware of it and start trying to get it from you…all nice at first, then more violently. First an antiquities dealer, then a gang leader, each expecting the eye to bring money or power. The party might try to bring it to the church. The church doesn’t want it. Who ever heard of Odin with 2 eyes? Those days are long gone, if they ever existed. They will hand the party a bag of money, charge the party with disposing of it…somewhere dangerous, of course…and shut the door in their faces. Does it grant powers? Does it want to be with a specific member of the party? Why? (Granted, this all might be similar to the Avalon podcast, which I must admit I have not yet finished.)

  1. That holiday where you burn effigies…or people…to get rid of spirits. What if something goes wrong? What if a person (or all of the prisoners) didn’t die when the coal set them aflame? They could have survived. They could be angry, full of multiple spirits (so extra strong), and immune to fire.

It could be an innocent prisoner who was set on fire. Now this person has all those properties (extra spirits inside, immune to fire), and goes after corrupt watch members, judges, nobles, etc. who set them up. And the person doesn’t mind attacking, or killing, innocents if they get in the way.

It could be a handful of guilty prisoners and one innocent prisoner who start a war against each other, destroying the city and citizens as they go.

  1. You can mix the 2 holiday ideas and have a body being burned, but the prisoner has the eye of Odin, which helps them survive. What kind of nastiness will that lead to?
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No, but now I need one :sunglasses:

Love it! I’m currently starting to read through Zweihander as I’ve been very interested in seeing if that system would work as well as I think it would. In fact, I plan to run a playlets of that with my home group next year.

Awesome idea that totally fits. Makes me think of how they’d compete with the Hermes folks, would they follow a god that is also a messenger but anathema somehow to the Hermes’ church? Or are they a true guild that is just trying to compete and snag a bit of that messenger coin by providing “more discrete” messenger services for Nobles or Guild masters…

I was thinking fairly ragtag. Fagin’s gang or Baker Street Irregulars. I do like the idea of a competing religion, but it’s not central. More of an idea of a an adversary. Prometheus maybe?

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Excellent choice for a competing religion IMO.

I also like the idea of a ragtag group - even if it was setup as part of a neighborhood. As in - “In our neighborhood we don’t have any official Hermes runners… but we do have the House Rats; pack of orphans who run the roofs and alleyways and do odd jobs and errands for a reasonable coin or two.”

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