I'm thankful for

Since I didn’t have a place to put this, I wanted to say that one of the many things I’m thankful for this year is this community and the people I’ve met through it. Not only do we share common interests, I consider a number of the people I’ve met through here to be true friends.

Thank you to all who make this community what it is.


Thankful for everyone here and those that enjoy tabletop RPG’s. Thankful for being able to game with good people everywhere. Thankful for Brett not shooting anyone. Thankful for not getting mobbed online for being two middle-aged, cis, white guy, rpg podcast - though it’s hard to argue to the contrary. Thankful for being able to afford many of the stuff for gaming - books, dice, to include podcast gear.


…yet… that we know of…

But seriously. I feel this community is a reflection of it’s hosts. Thank you two for bringing us all together, and thank you everyone for being awesome.

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