I would like to try the Cortex system

Hi Everyone,

I like to try the Cortex System. Is there anyone I could bribe to run a one shot? I’d try any genre and can play on most any digital platform. This is a big ask, for a stranger… I’d mail you a box of home made chocolate chip cookies. Or, I’d trade running a one shot.

I am curious to learn since I am backing the Dragon Prince RPG. But my first experience overwhelming. This is coming from a guy who has years of experience playing. The Hammerhead sounds interesting. I just want to learn the basics of how to make a PC now to play. And then learn how this can be adapted to different settings. in exchange, I could teach you ICRPG or FATE.

I can run a simple one shot for you guys if we can coordinate time and date. It would be a Post Apocayptic game a la Fallout, no experience with the video game necessary. I can do any night 8PM EST, except Thursday and Saturday.

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I’m very interested in playing a Cortex Prime one-shot. Post-apocalyptic sounds good to me.

8pm EDT should generally work for me, except alternating Wednesdays.

Ditto, I would love to try it. Any non-Friday is best for me. Would Tuesday work for everyone? And how many people do you need? Also, what is your preferred digital platform? Wow, very exciting!

I’m leaving the possible days/times here in case some use the forums more than the Discord server. Three have already answered. It seems either Tuesday or Friday.

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Thank you or doing this it is appreciated! But how do I find everyone, I am a “bit” of a luddite, and am unsure what to do where? For living in Silicon Valley, I keep missing the silicon train.

What time zone are we using? I am guessing central but am unsure.