Humblewood Campaign

I’d love to use this space to talk about my very first DMing experience using the Humblewood campaign setting/adventure supplement!
I decided to run this campaign because 4/6 of my players are females who are first time players and I knew getting to play cute birbs/animals would increase their interest in the game. 5/6 of the players have never played an RPG before and the 1 experienced player is pretty quiet so it’ll be interesting seeing where they decide to take the story.
I’m also using the Witch+Craft supplement to introduce domestic magic, mostly for the roleplay benefits it provides in helping the players flesh out their characters.


So far we have played 3 sessions with another planned for next week.
Session One mostly involved the PCs receiving their big mission- the fires on the edge of the forest have consumed an entire town, go let the Council in the capital know- and their first taste of what combat looks like. There was plenty “Which dice do I roll for that?” and “Wait, what is armor class again?” with a dash of “I hit him with my stick… what now?” but they picked up pretty fast and seemed to have fun.

Session 2 we only had half the players available and they discovered that the local orphanage was celebrating Gaspard’s Giving Day and didn’t have enough money for presents (why yes, this did take place the day after Christmas- fight me) and the PCs went off in search of crafting materials to make the orphans gifts. After splitting the party and everyone almost dying (all in good fun, I promise!) they were able to return to town with the stuff they need to make the gifts.

Session 3 was with the players that couldn’t make the last session. They got to explore the local shops and buy healing potions (from a hippie deer who also sold them psychedelic shrooms) before finding out the orphanage had been attacked. After promising to come back and repair the damage done to the orphanage in time for Gaspard’s Giving Day (yes, I’m still rolling with that hook, don’t at me), they went in search of the monster who broke the window a the orphanage. They ended up finding a “flamebrite lion” (which was a mountain lion in stats but it looks cooler) curled up asleep with her 3 cubs playing around her. And wow, they look kinda hungry and sick. Did I mention that no one was seriously damaged in the attack? So my band of murder hobos decided to build a cage and trap the lions so they could be transported back South where they belong, all while trying to dodge the cubs biting their ankles and trying not to wake up Mom.

Session 4 will feature a whole lot of orphan happiness and then we’ll continue with the main campaign.

Happy Gaspard’s Giving Day!


Looking forward to following this. I have this far resisted picking up the book, but I will likely give in, especially since they roped in Gail Simone to do a fiction piece for them.


One of the main reasons I backed this book was because the art work is absolutely incredible and the cuteness aspect of the character races. I had one player thumbing through the book who took a look at a piece of art and said “That’s him. That’s my character.”

As I detail the sessions, I’ll be sure to mark which parts are from the book and which are my own creation (and which are a combination of both) Gaspard is a God in this book but Gaspard’s Giving Day was my own creation for example.

Session 1 was straight from the book and it featured a plot hook, some NPCs and 2 combat encounters on the road to the next town. The town they are currently in is also from the book but the orphanage full of cute fluffy animals is my creation.


Following for similar reasons. Backed Humblewood and was incredibly pleased with what they pulled off. My local shop apparently backed the Kickstarter as well, so I got the box for my 19yo daughter, who has been our 5e cleric for almost a year now. Looking forward to trying this with my group at some point.

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Other than what I’ve read here I’m unfamiliar with this setting, but it sounds fun. I look forward to keeping up with your campaign. Thanks for sharing!

I ran Session 4 on 1.6!

We finished up the Gaspard Giving Day arc, they were able to craft gifts for the orphans and repair the church in time for the big day. As a thank you, the orphan’s gave the party a paper chain that looks like 6 jerbeen (the mouse race) holding hands. The paper chain has the signatures of all the orphans and no one has noticed anything odd about it (yet!). If they were to do a detect magic or religion check they might find out that it carries the Blessing of Gaspard and by tearing one of figures off the chain, they can gain advantage on one saving roll.

We then started following the book’s campaign again. The party was summoned to the local Magistrate’s office and asked to go to the local caverns and rescue a scientist who had entered the caves to study slimes. He has also offered them a purse for any slimes they manage to kill while rescuing the scientist. They did a very good job asking the Magistrate/Captain of the Guard intelligent questions like, what is the best path to take to the caves, how do you kill slimes, how do you recognize the different types of slimes, etc.

I was quite proud of them and can’t wait to throw them in the dark with some slightly? deadly slimes and a damsel in distress.


I love that aesthetic for a magic item.

Thank you, I was particularly proud of it. The players seem really attached to the orphans and they’ve put a significant amount of effort in helping them so I know they won’t want to pull apart their gift for an insignificant reason but it’s also realistically just 1 advantage per character so it won’t be game altering.


Good story! You mentioned about how the players/characters have become attached to the orphans. I had a group once start a whole soup kitchen and messenger guild around a group of street urchins. It really added a nice role play aesthetic to the group. I look forward to the next time.

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So how is the Humblewood Campaign going?

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