Humble Bundle: Free League Publishing

The Humble RPG Books Bundle just popped up a nice selection of books from Free League Publishing which includes several Symbarum and Tales From the Loop titles. $237 of PDF for $18 supporting the Active Minds charity.

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I dropped $25 bucks on the 14 pdf bundle and I just flipped through many of the books. Holy cow! I don’t know if the their games have interesting and playable rules, but the art and their worlds make me want to find out. Wow, at least at first glance they are impressive.

Even if the games suck, I love the art in them! I think that Symbaroum has the best art I seen in a fantasy game. Loose but realistic, and it invokes a “reality” that feel’s European and yet original. Dig it!

Thanks Akoddoken!

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I’m glad you’re enjoying the art. I think the mechanics work really well too, but obviously, that is a subjective point of view.