How I Broke Brett's Cosmology

Since Brett mentioned that I may have broken his cosmology, I just thought I’d throw out the set of “cosmic” assumptions that I’m using in my campaign.

  1. Functionally, there isn’t much difference between demons and aberrations, but some aberrations have been “shaped” by mortal assumptions over the years to take on less alien traits.

  2. I had an “angel” show up, which was a Chained Angel from Kobold Press’ Tome of Beasts. So effectively, this was an angel with flayed off skin, chained because it failed to stop the Bleak One from escaping from it’s prison.

In my own head, angels are ascended beings from before the Soul War that thought they wanted to be the guardians of reality, who basically noped out when they realized how serious things were getting with Erlig. Someone chained this one during the Soul War to punish him for not following through on his promises.

So yes “angel,” no heaven or messenger for the gods.

  1. There is the world, and there is the Void, but there is also the Entropy Border, which is essentially an “etherial plane” where you can watch reality slowly drop off into nothingness. Everything in the Entropy Border is falling apart, and things fall into the “border” until they completely disintegrate. This is where I placed some renegade dwarves that I flavored heavily as Norse dock alfar/Thor comics dark elves head to toe armored types that escape service to Erlig.

These beings have a plan to end the world in exactly the right way that will leave them enough material to reforge it, so they aren’t against the world ending, they just want it to end on their terms so they can test out a hypothesis they have.

  1. Ancient seals were placed under several neighborhoods, and those slow down the drift of reality into the Entropy Border. When they break, things fall between the cracks, and if something disappears in this manner, reality tends to be rewritten, so its really hard to remember anything. Whole neighborhoods have fallen into the Entropy Border in the past, and within a few months of it happening, no one in Avalon remembers that neighborhood existed, because reality just kind of scarred over around the hole.

I didn’t have all of that worked out at the beginning of the campaign, it was more a matter of reacting to player characters and asking myself where some of the campaigns mysteries were going that led me to some of these conclusions.

So, there you have it. How I broke Brett’s Cosmology.

To break it on a meta-level, there are nearly infinite alternate realities, so I only broke the Avalon in the reality where my players exist, and the quantum strings next door probably work exactly how Avalon works in Brett’s head, unless in Brett’s head, it’s impossible for there to be alternate realities. But if it’s impossible for there to be alternate realities, do we really exist, or is someone in Avalon just dreaming of us?


The reasons I love all of this:

  • You liked the setting enough to put this much though into it
  • What you’ve done works/fits and has an internal consistency that means the PCs will be able to engage with it and understand/uncover it.
  • You made the setting yours. There is no other Avalon setting exactly like @JaredR Avalon. And that is the highest praise of all IMO