Home Brew Calendar Builder

I have known about this for a while, but finally got to actually using it for my campaign world and it is pretty damn amazing. I might have to kick a few bucks their way. You can customize # of months, # days, # of moons, set the solstice, # of days in a year.

Home Brewers Check it out!


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Perhaps another show topic? The importance of keeping time.

I haven’t looked at the linked utility specifically, but I recently, too, started keeping a calendar for my home group sandbox started on Discord during this time of pandemic. For old school “long view” play, I agree it’s very useful!

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One real cool thing that the tool appears to have is incrementing time on the calendar. Plus it has a neat “clock” equal to the number of hours in the planets day that shows the day/night. I haven’t used during a session, but will on Wednesday. I will let you all know how it works.

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Excited for this. Thanks Huscarl!

@Sean and I had talked about calendars and such a long time back, but as we’ve been at this almost 6 years now, I don’t mind re-working topics to see what we think of them now that we’re older, wiser and more full of BS than ever :slight_smile:

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Here is some feedback on the tool after using in last nights game. One really neat-O thing I discovered is that the owner/creator/gm can share the calendar with others and as they increment time the calendars on the other end increment, too. With the day/night cycle diagram this is quite useful. Depending on what type of campaign you are running it can be a great aid.

While this is minor tool, I think it can enhance campaign management. It can also provide some world flavor with unique day & month names or length of year. With a little bit of setup time, it will allow you to increment time and pick up where you left off in your last session. Now if I could only remember what happened last time…

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I still haven’t looked at this utility specifically because it’s yet another thing for which to set up an account, etc.

But I wanted to add my calendar-keeping experience to huskarl’s. I’ve been using a calendar feature in Numbers, and I have the option for a blank one—so, yes, I took the opportunity to “fantasy name” the months—and I share it to Discord.

On a devoted channel in Discord, I also maintain a “chronicle”—essentially broad strokes of what happened session to session.