Heptalemma Recruiting for System Exploration One-Shots

I’m on a mission to get a bunch of those shiny, shiny RPG systems I haven’t played before to the table. Have you not played them before either? Cool! Let’s pound on them to see what makes them tick. Have you played them and want more? Also cool!

In general, these session will be structured as one-shots. We’ll target four hours, and will try to get in a solid story, but the main goal will be putting the system through its paces. If everyone has a great time and wants to continue into a campaign? Well, that’s certainly a possibility (and has happened before!), but the expectation is that these will be standalone, and you’re just buying into a single session.

I’ve got some vacation that I have to use up before the end of the year, so I’m likely to have a lot of time free at least the last week of November (Nov 20-28) and the last two weeks of December (Dec 18-Jan 2). That’d be a good period for getting some gaming in, and I would also be able to play during the US daytime on weekdays (overlapping with UK evenings).

My current availability for November is something like

  • Sat Nov 13, 10:30-11pm EST
  • Sat, Nov 20, 10:30am-11pm EST
  • Mon, Nov 22, 10:30am-11pm EST
  • Tue, Nov 23, 10:30am-11pm EST
  • Wed, Nov 24, 10:30am-11pm EST
  • Thu, Nov 25, 10:30am-11pm EST
  • Fri, Nov 26, 10:30am-4pm EST
  • Sat, Nov 27, 10:30am-11pm EST

Now, on to the games. These are the new systems I’m recruiting for:

  1. Star Trek Adventures (2d20) Your continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before… Set off to the Final Frontier of the Galaxy, where new discoveries await the keen explorers of Starfleet. Your duties may take you to the edges of known space, or to Federation colonies in need, to the borders of neighboring galactic powers or into the eye of interstellar phenomena. Your ship and your crew epitomize the best Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets has to offer, and you are needed more than ever. (Side note: I am so hyped to run the Shackleton Expanse campaign, but I really need to give the system a test flight before committing to it.)

  2. The Ultraviolet Grasslands and the Black City (SEACAT ) At the western edge of civilization, at the end of the Rainbowlands, lie the trackless steppes of the Ultraviolet Grasslands. There are the ruins of forgotten civilizations, savage (or perhaps strange and jovial) factions, as well as endless varieties of strange biomechanical organisms, violent robotic mechanisms, and fleshy forests of plants. A traveler can find fortune joining a caravan, or seek their own ends attempting to reach the maddening onion of the Black City, standing finally at the wine-dark shore of the fabled ocean

  3. Mage: The Ascension (Storyteller ) The world is a Fallen Lie of hopeless oppression, a prison for human beings cursed to remain ignorant of the myriad occult forces influencing them. Mages are those few individuals who have Awakened to the truth, seeing the Supernal World hidden behind the Lie. Driven by a need to understand the Fallen World’s secrets, empowered with magic by their insight, they face many dangers in their addiction to mystery, but none more than their own human pride.

  4. The Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane (Savage Worlds ) A Landless Man. A Wanderer. A Puritan. Solomon Kane was many things, but above all, he was a hero. In a time of savagery and horror, he wandered the darkest corners of the Earth and battled the evil he found hidden within. From the savage interior of Africa to the cold forests of Europe, from the frigid mountains of Cathay to the blood-soaked jungles of South America, he battled merciless butchers, deathless queens, and even winged demons in his pursuit of righteous vengeance. Whether a Puritan wanderer, a misguided pirate, or a soldier of fortune, a time of legend has come and Fate has chosen her champions. Kane began the fight against an ancient evil so great it could destroy humanity, but now others must carry the torch into the darkness.

  5. Heart: The City Beneath (The Resistance System ) The Heart is a roiling tear of unreality beneath the city of Spire. Within its borders, there are routes to unknown places, great secrets, shrines to long-dead gods, and monsters the like of which have never been seen on the surface world. You are a delver, one of those strange, desperate, broken people exploring the nightmare undercity in search of the object of their own obsessions

I’m also planning more games in systems that I’ve already played…in most cases, a single session isn’t really enough to give one a fair shake. (And they’re also simpler to prep for and run!)

  1. The Veil (Powered by the Apocalypse) The room flickers in front of you for an instant like a PMP losing reception. You hear the hammer snap back on a cheap poly and you can almost smell the ozone as the bullet glides out of the chamber. The window flies apart in shatterproof shards the size of disembodied limbs. Your neurochip feeds you the trajectory of the unequivocal sentence of death speeding your way as your eyes swivel in their machined sockets. Juice crashes through your veins. You’ve only got a split second to make a move. What do you do? (The Veil is a cyberpunk game that leans into the philosophical questions about humanity and reality…more Serial Experiments: Lain and Ghost in the Shell than Shadowrun.)

  2. Bulldogs (Fate Core) Bored with your dead-end job? Tired of your planet-bound life? Maybe you owe some money to the wrong people, or maybe the gun just somehow went off and now you have an urgent need for a change of scenery. Transgalaxy Pangalactic Corporation does not care about your arrest record! Join the Class D Freight division, and in exchange for a simple five-year commitment, you can leave all your troubles behind you.

  3. The Gaean Reach (Gumshoe) Quandos Vorn Must Die! In an impossibly distant future, our species has dispersed to the stars. Traveling in slender spacecraft, armed with projacs and needle guns, we have settled countless worlds. Cultures are everywhere different, yet propelled in the end by fundamental qualities humankind cannot shed: greed, egoism, pettiness, and a crippling passion for procedure. Across the vastness of the Oikumene a few individuals of exceptional infamy project their lust for power. Fear of their names spreads from planet to planet like a cancer. None of these evokes greater loathing and terror than the world-spanning criminal mastermind Quandos Vorn. Quandos Vorn. Who you have sworn to kill.

For the moment, I’m looking to get two or three of the games from the list above to the table during that first week. After those are nailed down, I’ll look into what can be done in December.


Welcome to the forum, and you’ve got quite a few interesting games listed here!

I’m definitely interested in Star Trek Adventures, Solomon Kane, and Heart, as well as Bulldogs (read it a few years ago and thought it looks great, but never had a chance to get it to the table).

Not 100% sure yet what my availability will be around Thanksgiving, but there’s a good chance I’ll have some time then as well.

Whoops, edited the post to add in #8 (The Gaean Reach), which I’d forgotten to include in the list.

Hi, added my name to the Roundtable sheet for UVG and STA. Would love to join if the game(s) end(s) at 6pm EST at the latest on a weekend. If that conflicts with other people’s schedules I can bow out, no worries.

THanks for putting this up for the community. I hope there’s plenty of participation. I’d get in one or two if I had some time free up.