Help identifying a setting?

Hi all, I’m hoping you can help me. I remember hearing about a D&D setting (maybe on Gaming and BS… maybe on another podcast) that sounded cool but I can’t remember the name. Basically it was super local, just a small corner of a world where Dwarves and Goblins had an uneasy trade alliance. The Goblins produced some alcoholic beverage that the Dwarves were fond of… and I think maybe there was a lake involved and maybe “Dagger” was in the name. This ring any bells for anyone?


It’s not ringing a bell for me.

Nothing here either - at first i thought of the Daggerdale modules for the Forgotten Realms, but I looked up the synopsis & found nothing that matched.

Might be someone’s home campaign?

Good luck Dave, I’ll keep thinking on it.


Wasn’t that the Forbidden Lands campaign that Phil ran for a year using the wrong rules??