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26 Oct 2019, Tomb of Annihilation, Extra Life Event at Gamers Loot in Indianapolis

My buddy Stephen Noa rolled 4 natural 20 crits in a row! If I hadn’t been there to witness it, I’m not sure I would have believed it. :smiley:


I was running the final battle in one of my major campaign arcs in a Rolemaster game. The group was fighting an evil cleric. They’d managed to take down his protectors (which weren’t easy), but had taken damage. The cleric was taking them down one and two at a time, while they had a hard time getting to him.

As things were looking bleak, in desperation, the Mage had his ferret sneak up behind and attack the cleric. He didn’t notice. The ferret attacked. Critical hit, rolled max for critical. Severed his carotid artery. As he collapsed, he attempted to heal himself, but with minuses due to a sudden frantic onslaught from the party, he failed and died.

The big bad was killed by a ferret. It was glorious.


Hehe, love it! :slight_smile:

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This was by many standards very funny, and thereby great, but you make the call… Many years ago I was playing Daredevils and I had an Indian Jones moment with the bag of sand and the golden egg thing. I had to remove, something (I don’t remember what) off the pedestal or have my hand cut off. It was intended to perfunctory, but just for laughs the ref said it was a 1% chance of failure.

Once he said, 1% I knew I was doomed and so did everyone at the table. And yes, I failed and much laughter ensued. That was moment, that my bad die rolling was firmly cemented with my group. Ever since then I have been saying, “dice are my friends,” but it hasn’t helped.


Party attacked by dragon.
They’re in the fight, but not thriving.

Thief grabs an arrow he knows is magic (but not what the arrow does), soaks it in poison (save or die where save = zero damage) and lets it fly.

Dragon dies from critical hit chart. Dragon dies from failed poison save. Dragon dies from arrow of Dragon Slaying.

No kill like over kill.