Grazilaxx's Guide to Ancestry Review

Today on my blog, I’m looking at Grazilaxx’s Guide to Ancestry, which makes the case for switching from race to Ancestry in D&D, and also adds in lots of customization based on that change. Not only does it make the case for doing so, but it’s also got an interesting set of human ancestries that move beyond “they are the adaptable ones.”


Good review, man. Thanks for sharing it.

It sounds like the end effect of moving from fixed race categories to ancestry is to create a major or minor edges kind of effect like in Savage Worlds. Is that a fair comparison?

Also, it seems that a 35 page pdf is fairly expensive at $12.95! Wow! Is it that good?

Thanks again for the review! It was very well done!

Love these reviews - always well done!

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Just a piece I wrote on why I usually don’t factor cost into the reviews that I do.


Paragraph 2 says “For the most part, I factor cost into my reviews.” Is that a typo? Otherwise, I’m pretty confused…

My don’t got lost, updated now.

Bob only edits the Gnome Stew articles. :wink: