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Hi All,

I just had an idea that I would like to float to BSers. With all of us shut in and trying to game more, I think it would be great if we could bring each other into our games for guest appearances as NPCs or Sovereign Powers or an Organizations leader. I think this could help build the community so graciously started by Sean and Brett.

We would need to establish some rules and structure to this. I will suggest the first rule.

What the host GM says is law.

I imagine that this could be as simple as someone joins to play 1 NPC for a 10-minute session to as complex as becoming a co-DM.

Anyway. Start the conversation.

Semper Fidelis


I’d be happy to run the 10 NPCs in Sesion one (the prison break) of Out of the Abyss for anyone. I run’m like I stole’m and it’s LOTS of fun.

Let’s just say, there won’t be 10 NPCs left when they get to the caves…

I’ve done this for myself and two other DMs.


Well Great Minds Think Alike, and so do ours…
I sent this out to all of my players in three campaigns the other day:

In Light of the current Apocalypse, many people are sitting trapped in small apartments or 40,000 square foot Beverly Hills mansions. As dreaming of picking of a weapon and laying about slowly marinates into thinking about alibis, defense attorneys and the like, an idea to move them back to unhealthy fantasies.

How about a series of “Just shut up and play” games?

Here is the idea, anyone interested just " reply all " and you are in the loop.

I will set up a very blank game with no API, no Dynamic lighting, no music…

You get an idea for a short 1 shot game or a two shot game. You let me know and I give you a page. Background or “mood” pictures, no detailed maps. Simple tokens using sheet macros only. When you are ready you loop an email out to the group and click on the 'pick-up game three hours before the game starts.

All games run in 5th edition Basic:

Perhaps a consolidation of these several ideas would work.


I like this HOOS karl. :slight_smile:


So many great gamers…

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Thank you Sean-Baby.

Semper Fidelis

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hashtag nailed it.

Sounds like fun. Count me in!