Giants and Mechanics

I have a weakness for giants. I also wish they had more interesting mechanical widgets in 5e. This is a quick pass at adding a few more features to giants to make them feel a little more . . . larger than life?


I love it… I saw you commenting on this a couple days ago (on Twitter maybe?) and was hoping you’d take a run at it! I would totally run a giant like that.

I don’t feel like I’ve run enough 5e to give real design critique (so take this in such light), but the only thing that gives me pause is the amount of damage on “Giantfall”… although I suppose it’s on par with a fireball, and it’s save for none.


I should probably do a little more number crunching, but this is at least partially based on running Storm King’s Thunder for a year. Also, thanks to @blakeryan74 I already did a bit of a revision.


Also, for full credit:

Giantcraft in 2nd Edition AD&D mentions adding damage to nearby opponents from falling giants.

Giantfall, as a monster ability, was used in Shadow of the Demon Lords for giants in that game.

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I love it. Will likely steal for my HackMaster game :slight_smile:

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Definitely stealing this…thanks!


A bit OFf topic, but what do you use to create monsters that look like they came out of the Monster Manual?

I used the Monster Builder on D&D Beyond, so I could use the base giants as a template.

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I don’t understand Wild Swing - can’t any creature attack with disadvangage anything within its reach?

I am really confused about the ability. “When attacking with disadvantage?” Or is this meant to be a tradeoff between disadvantage and reach, somehow?

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Hi Old SchoolDM,

I suspect the “Wild Swing” is meant to be a sweeping attack.
Attack with disadvantage & apply that one attack roll to ALL foes within reach.

Great for sweeping away the horde of stupid bandits that have surrounded the giant.


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Ah! I see that correction now in @JaredR’s revised edition. Makes sense. Thanks!