Ghouls in the Basement

@JaredR and I had a chat a while back around the way ghouls in Avalon could possibly work. One of the things I brought up is that people can transform into ghouls through magic, repeated canibal living, and other horrible “life choices.” I also take a page from Delta Green’s approach to ghouls that can transform their appearance to look more human.

So, what I’ve got in my current game are 3 ghouls that are now approaching teenager stage which are currently living in the basement of the One Eyed Raven.

The woman who owns the One Eyed Raven inn was married to a man who was “cursed” as a ghoul. At least, that’s what he believed was the source of his condition. They had triplet sons together which they quickly realized were also “cursed” as their father. The couple believed that if she killed her husband, the children would be saved. The whole “kill the source of the curse and it will be lifted” approach. However, that’s not how it works for ghouls… they just didn’t know that. Thus, when the husband was killed, nothing changed.

What this means, is that there is a mother who is trying to protect her children, doesn’t know if that means having to kill them or not, and yet is still finding ways to feed them from dead street people as she is starting to crack and really doesn’t know what to do.


That’s some really good horror. You could probably make that hook a solid short horror piece.


Thank you - I’m fairly proud of it.


You should be!!