GBS Off Facebook

We’ve removed our presence from Facebook. We still have a GBS Group there, but deleting that might be tougher because you have to remove all the members first, and then the last admin has to leave. So it sits, it’s not active any ways.


Well the short answer is that neither Brett nor I are overseeing it. I have deleted all my accounts - pages, everything. Which makes it tougher. I think being on discord or here on the forums is better for our situation.

This announcement may be a moot point, here, but in case anyone that is still on FB and wonders…you know.


I think being here or our forums is better for our situation.

someone copy/ pasted from Discord :wink:

I deleted my fb yesterday, and it feels great. I’ve already wasted time more productively.

Good for you.
Mine just sits idly. I log on, maybe 4-5 times a month. Unless it Stanley Cup playsoffs, where I run some fun games for friends.
But good on you for freeing yourself.

I had it for only 2 weeks about 10 years ago. I figured it wouldn’t take off. :man_shrugging:

But somehow i’ve been surviving…