Gaming with Isaiah

Hello all,

If you get a chance to have @Isaiah run a game for you, take it.

He just ran an Alterity one shot, my first game of Alternity and my first online game - and it was fantastic!
He’s funny, friendly, a good GM, good at explaining systems, and patient!
His wife was a player as well- and she is a fantastic roleplayer - and as funny, friendly as @Isaiah is.

Thanks to Brett and Sean for encouraging me to join an online game, and for providing a forum for BSers to get together like this.



Thanks Rory! It was a blast playing with you! We’re so happy you took the leap to online gaming with us!

I will hit you up when we line something up for other games.


Awesome! This is the type of stuff that makes me proud of the work @Sean does to really keep the community alive.