Gaming Moot aka Sign Up Sheets To Play or GM

We have a Google Spreadsheet that has a list of games, game masters, along with date/times that you can explore and sign up to run or play different tabletop role-playing games. We refer to that as the Gaming & BS Roundtable.

THIS forum is for game masters to post more details of their games, details that may not fit into the aforementioned spreadsheet, and a way to communicate with those that signed up for specific games - examples include links to pregens, house rules, method to direct message players their passwords to your VTT, etc.

Players, this is a place to ask questions about the game posted in the Roundtable spreadsheet, and get updates on the game, answer questions, get links to pregens, etc.

Easy Steps:

  1. GM’s - Create a post here about your game -OR- post to Roundtable spreadsheet

Players - visit the Roundtable spreadsheet and peruse posted games on ‘Offering to Run’ sheet -OR- enter games you’d like to play on the ‘Looking to Play’ sheet. Enter your info.

  1. GM’s - create a post here on Gaming Moot so that players can inquire about your game.
    Players - you can inquire about a posted game to it’s gm here on Gaming Moot assuming the GM has setup a post.
  2. Play

So game on you crazy gamer!

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Introducing 'Status’

I visited the Google Sheets for signing up for games. I was unsure where things were at for some of them. Some appeared to have the minimum amount of players, but no indication of a muster. I hit up some people to get an update. No problem.

To help with the above, I worked with @digitalhobbit to come up with ‘Status’ and some color coding. Hoping the following is clear. The one that will probably raise the most questions is ‘GM Ack’. I ran into a couple GM’s that know they have players ready to go, but could not move to ‘Muster’ because of their personal scheduling conflicts, but realize it’s something they’re hashing out.

Posted waiting for min # of players
GM Ack gm acknowledges min players achieved, looking to start mustering
Mustering coordinating with players for dates/times
Scheduled date is locked down, ready to go
Completed game run, huge fun was had by all
Cancelled real life impacted ability to run game, had to cancel

Let me know if you have any questions. I appreciate everyone that is looking to participate in all this. It’s super awesome!

edit: if you need to cancel a game, no problem. We just ask that you select ‘Cancel’ from the status column. This way we can track things for historical purposes, etc. No need to delete the role or info. Thanks!

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