Gaming Communities

I don’t recall if you already covered this topic in the past, but I think it could be interesting to discuss Gaming Communities.

I’d be interested in your thoughts both on the role that community plays for us gamers, as well as specific communities.

For me, this is one of my favorite RPG related meta activities. This podcast and the associated community is a big part of that. But I’m also in various other Discord servers, which have largely taken the place of G+ for me. Both general gaming related communities (RPG Talk is a favorite of mine, and I believe @Harrigan is a regular there as well :wink: ), as well as game specific communities.

DCC is a good example: This has quickly become my favorite system. But while the system itself is no doubt good, I think the reason lies much more in the fantastic community around it. Goodman Games has done a great job fostering this by sponsoring the roadcrew, for example. And there’s a huge creative energy in this community, resulting in things like the Gongfarmer’s Almanac. I see great discussion and collaboration on their Discord server as well.

Anyway - another one for the hopper! :slight_smile:


Communities are interesting. I ran a local on for a while and got to know a LOT of local gamers, but it wasn’t without suspicion and it’s weird nuances.

I like the topic as we’re very community driven within the hobby. I could probably draw ven diagrams with a fair amount of accuracy among all the little cliques.

Thanks Mirko!


Great, looking forward to seeing your venn diagrams, Sean. :slight_smile:

I like this topic. I am new to this community and have had nothing but positive experiences. I have been introduced to some really awesome guys and enjoy the podcast. I have also learned that there are a variety of different gaming communities out there, some are not as welcoming unless you have 20+ years of experience and only play 2nd edition. Any who that is my two pennies it would be interesting to hear from others.


Agreed. Nerd anthropology fascinates me. I worked in a comic shop for 10 years, and enjoy hanging out in game shops. Conversely, I had predominately negative experiences with organized play (Living Whatever) in the 90’s, vs the generally light and fun experience of convention one offs.