Gaming and BS Inspired My New RPG Rock Song

I think this is the first time one of my RPG rock song ideas came from a Podcast. Thanks to episode 364 - “Save or Die” I was inspired to write a song “Save or Die” about the old school phenomenon of one saving throw is the difference between life and death.

Thanks guys for the spark for the song!

RPG Rock Songs - Including New Release “Save or Die”


I dig it. :slight_smile:

This is fantastic. Permission to use in an episode, and how do you want us to credit?

You may absolutely use it in a show! That would be pretty awesome.

My music is under the moniker of “Carl Davis of Abandon At My Place”. Of course, I don’t mind a shout-out for my RPG YouTube channel ( :grinning:

I would also mention there is now a music video for the song “Save or Die”: Save or Die - Original Tabletop RPG Rock Song! (Cheesy Video Included) - YouTube

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I think I can still put this in this week’s outro. Thanks CD!!