Gameholecon Roll Call

Who’s going to be in Madison next week? I’ll be around, running a couple games under the GBS banner


I’ll be there from Friday - Sunday. I’m mostly playing AS&SH and DCC. I’m signed up to play Doug Kovacs’s Dogstorm! on Friday night. I’m also playing one 5E game, Skeeter Green’s Crypt of the Science Wizard. Looking forward to it and seeing folks I met last year.


Wish I could go, new job, no vacation time. Plus it’s over 1400 miles away. I hate to say it, maybe next year.


It seems that due to a clerical error (or divine intervention…or is there a difference?) I may have the opportunity to attend but may be too late to get in on buying tix to play something.

At best I may show up Friday night if I can ditch my monkeys. Sadly my Saturday is already hosed. At the least I’m hoping to come hang out Sunday and hope to at least say hi, shop, and maybe jump on something. Might bring the older mini-me. We’ll see.

I’d love to get to try some Fantasy Flight Star Wars, some 5e, as my experience with it is limited, or whatever as long as it’s good fun.

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I’ll be there!
Not showing up til Friday (Thursday is trick or treat night, and I live in Iowa City), but I’ll be there.
Running a HackMaster game, playing a slew of things.

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I was thinking of going. If I do, I’ll meet anyone who’s up for it in the Clarion lobby on Friday night around 8pm. BYOB.


I’ll be there for my first Gamehole this year! Running two Savage Worlds games and bringing an extra adventure if I run into anyone looking for a pickup game.


Carl what SW games are you running?

“The Helix Nebula Situation” on Friday 2 PM. An adventure where you play a robotic support system that awakens to a ship in distress.

“Zombies: Black Friday” on Saturday 10 AM. Try to survive the zombie apocalypse at a busy mall on the biggest shopping day of the year.

I’ll also bring one of my adventures from GenCon called “Is This Just Another Bug Hunt?” in case I run into anyone looking for an off-book game.

I will also be there. Starting 9am Thursday running to Noon on Sunday. I am not running anything, but playing in quite a few. I’ll leave my list below in case anyone else is in the sessions and we can say hi.

Bride of the black manse - DCC
Last Man Standing - Infinity Arena
PF2 1-03
Escaping Order 66 - Star Wars
Consumed - DnD 5e
Mission to Hoth - Star Wars
PF2 1-01
Vera’s Wrath - DnD 5e, Avalon
DCC RPG Playtest
The Ring of Racyn - Star Wars

Friday night is our super chill night, so maybe I’ll be at the Clarion with some drinks as well. Always good to socialize.

Have fun all!