Gameholecon 2020 Digital Edition

Well if it’s all digital, I ought to run something under the Gaming and BS Banner. I submitted a pair of Monster of the Week games today, one for Thursday noon and one for Friday noon. What are you all going to run?


Eeesh, I’m dragging feet. I am going to run Delta Green and Mothership.

And thanks for repp’in, Josh!

I got you! And I might join in on your games.

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I have submitted my event for 8pm Thursday night. 4 hours long. Delta Green/BRP rules.

You are to investigate the death of Agent GARRET and the suspicious circumstances of said death. Focus attention on 1206 SPOONER AVENUE. This house has been brought to the attention of A-Cell before, and is deemed a paranormal threat. Extreme caution should be employed when investigating the Spooner house. It has been known to exhibit an un- known influence over skilled DG Agents.

Pregens will be offered.
We will use Roll20 for virtual tabletop only. Zoom will be used for video and audio purposes.

NOTE: This game may be streamed on If you are adverse to playing with a public audience, please refrain from registering for this game. At the same time, this will not guarantee you future roles in major TV or motion pictures, nor will it bring you fame and fortune and everything that goes with it.

This is the scenario by Dennis Dettweiler entitled Music from a Darkened Room. It is rated MA for violence, horror, adult language.

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Is it difficult to submit a game under the BS banner?

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All I did was make the title “Gaming and BS Presents: Monster of the Week, Thief River Falls” and then input the field for Gaming group with Gaming and BS.

Very easy to submit events for GHC


As long as you put in ‘Gaming and BS’ in the ‘group’ field, you’re good. If someone wants to play in GBS games, do a search by group, I think you can do that, ‘bs’ and you should see our events come up.

I have submitted a virtual social hour for Saturday starting at noon to 2pm cdt. We’ll be using Zoom.

I figured people will probably want to play during the evening and keep their day more flexible, which is more opposite than what I typically see at in-person cons.

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Food for thought regarding trying to keep a social hour as something people can actually talk. Maybe consider using your discord server with a few different audio channels instead of zoom. This allows conversations to break off and merge together, like an in person room, as people float from group to group. Just an idea. Cheers.