Gamehole 2021

Wasn’t sure where to mark this topic, but who’s all gonna be at Gamehole? My kids and I will be at this one. I’m on the fence about running games this year (ran games under the Gaming & BS banner in 2017-19) but deliberating here. So, who else is coming?

Just curious,
Cory aka Mr. Manowar,
the patron who is not a Patreon supporter.

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I can’t make guarantees, but I’m planning on it.

Plan on being there, dont know what i want to do there though…

Maybe i just want to be around friendly people and socialize this year. I havent decided yet.

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I wanted to attend but with the schedule shift of Gen Con and Origins, I can’t make three big cons all in the same time frame. :confused: I wish you all many great games, may your dice roll well, and I hope to see you all at Gamehole Con 2022 when things are hopefully back to normal.