Gamehole 2021

Wasn’t sure where to mark this topic, but who’s all gonna be at Gamehole? My kids and I will be at this one. I’m on the fence about running games this year (ran games under the Gaming & BS banner in 2017-19) but deliberating here. So, who else is coming?

Just curious,
Cory aka Mr. Manowar,
the patron who is not a Patreon supporter.

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I can’t make guarantees, but I’m planning on it.

Plan on being there, dont know what i want to do there though…

Maybe i just want to be around friendly people and socialize this year. I havent decided yet.

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I wanted to attend but with the schedule shift of Gen Con and Origins, I can’t make three big cons all in the same time frame. :confused: I wish you all many great games, may your dice roll well, and I hope to see you all at Gamehole Con 2022 when things are hopefully back to normal.

I’ll be there Wed - Sun with a few friends. On Wednesday we hit Great Dane for lunch and then go to the Old Fashioned. After that we head back to the hotel to find some gamers. A few years ago we had a huge table playing Drunk Quest. What a blast.

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Had a great time at Gamehole! Special thanks are due to Laramie and his running of the S&W Death Ship of the Roach Princess. Laramie is a great GM and I had a lot of fun and conversing with him afterward was great. Sorry to miss many of you who bowed out. Hopefully the world rights itself to allow us all to converse and game again. Also, shoutout to NOLAbert as it was fun catching up again. Same goes for Barry, who if he’s on the forums I don’t know his forum name. Gamehole was a great time and our first convention since Jan. 2020 Evercon. Looking forward to seeing you all again in the future!