Game Master's Toolboxes

Hail, hail, fine BS’ers!!

Many of you are game masters. Some of you have been doing it since the dawn of time, well, you know, kinda. And there are some that are looking to join the ranks of us rpg narrators. We use screens, index cards, initiative trackers, music, tablets, whatever…

So tells us mighty Game Masters, WHAT’S IN YOUR GM TOOLBOX?

bonus points for pics. :slight_smile:

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This is from last year, but here are some pictures of some of my tools for my 7th Sea game. The skulls in the treasure chest were my Danger Points, and the drink swords were hero points. The gold coins were wealth tokens.

This is my PBTA kit. The big document carrier is what has all of the laminated player sheets in it, as well as all of the copies of playbooks. The mini dice are for games like Dungeon World or Infinite Galaxies that use other dice beyond d6s.

This is my Fate box, although the Script Change safety tools get moved from the PBTA box to this one when I’m running Fate. The cards in the sleeves are the Fate rules summaries from It’s Not My Fault, and the index cards are dry erase because otherwise you go through a lot of index cards with all of your Fate aspects.

These last ones are from my D&D Margreve game. Not pictured are the personal Script Change tools I have in the folders with their character sheets, as well as the 5e rules summary I printed off for them. The page protector goes into my binder and has my flat terrain minis in it for my instant forests, houses, and tents.


I guess Jared is the only one with a toolbox? LOL


I know @Fafhrd has a box he takes from game to game…

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Here’s my DM Screen/DIce Tray/Storage Box all in one!

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