G&bs master list

I have been having a bit of a brain fart as of late, which explains the smell and people leaving Illinois…

Sean / Brett, I assume one of you have a master list of the EP’s you’ve done, would it be a good idea to post it or maybe pin it in the Hopper Area so people can search for a topic to see if you’ve covered it and/or suggest it?

Or would you prefer people be driven to the hip-new website?

Hmmm… I think we have a master list somewhere. Might be a good idea to pull it together and see what what I actually have documented.

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We have a list, but not sure how diligent we are at updating it or how far back it goes.

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Any further thoughts on this master list?

Behind on pulling it together but I believe I have found all the spreadsheets that have the data I want in them to get me started